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Egyptian Mau

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Description With the invention of agriculture, the man left the nomadic state to become sedentary. But at the same time, he attracts rodents and cats with them. With the invention of the grain silo began the domestication of cats in Egypt, about years ago. Tired of his god status, the Egyptian Mau has left the land of his ancestors to conquer the world. Alley cats and breed cats are all his worthy heirs. This is the story of the most beautiful of the Egyptian Mau cat's children, pedigree cats, that you'll find in this book.

The discovery of the noblest of cats, the home cat, put him on the way of breeding.

His passion for the Egyptian Mau did not prevent him to mix with many breed and enjoy all such beautifulness. This is this passion he shares with us today. Bestsellers in Cats As Pets. Cat Tarot Megan Lynn Kott.

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Breed Characteristics

Walter Chandoha. Legend has it that she convinced him to purchase several Egyptian cats for her so that she could begin breeding them and thus the Mau was developed. Egyptian Mau kittens and cats are unusual in the domesticated cat world as they are one of the only breeds, along with the Bahrain Dilmun, to be naturally spotted. Small to medium in size, they are often described as possessing the elegance of a Siamese and the compactness of a Burmese. One noticeable feature of an Egyptian Mau is how its hind legs are longer than its front legs which give it an appearance of walking on its tiptoes.

It also has an extra flap of skin on its belly which enables it to take longer strides than other cats when it runs. This feature enables it to walk and run at a high speed — some Maus have been recorded as running at 30 miles an hour! This beautiful cat proudly bears either a Scarab Beetle or M marking on its forehead.

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  5. It sports a dark line all the way down the fur of its spine and comes in five colours: silver, bronze, smoke, black and blue-pewter. The Egyptian Mau is very loyal and amicable with a musical voice that comes out in an array of pleasant and unusual sounds for a cat. Both males and females display this behaviour but it is nothing more than a happy little cat dance — and no urine is released.

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    Maus have a preference for warm temperatures; they are known for being a little more sensitive to the heat and cold than most felines.