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Well, officially pito does still mean whistle in Mexico, but it also has another meaning. I wouldn't call that an exact translation, but you get the point. It's an innocent word you can use to refer to that special place on a guy.

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Now that we know what pito means, we can translate our phrase. Tienes el pito grande You have a big whistle Pipi is another childish term for pene. Camote is another term Mexicans use as a euphemism for penis. It actually means sweet potato. Etiquetas: body parts , sex. Shoot your jizz in my face We've talked about the act of freeing our little friends, so let's talk about what you call the result of echando mecos. Corridas , venidas and acabadas are all ways of referring to what the porn industry likes to call the cum shot.

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Now we get to the famous question:. To answer this question, you'll need the word tragar , to swallow. Just to be clear, the verb tragar is for swallowing anything, not just mecos. I spend a lot of time watching Spanish videos on YouTube and I just happened to come across a video that I just had to share with my faithful readers.

This is a nice collection of swear words from various countries and the really great thing is the video is like a Spanish lesson, you get to see and hear the words. It just doesn't get any better than that. They don't always explain what the words mean, but I'll do my best to help you out with that.

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So if you're the impatient type and have a good command of Spanish, here's the video and I'll let you to get right to it. Wey, chinga tu puta madre. One look at the picture and you'll know exactly what today's topic is. Etiquetas: Mexican Slang.

Translation of "faggy" in Spanish

Saturday, June 14, El Beso de Payaso. First things first, in case you don't know, this is a payaso :. Etiquetas: Mexican Slang , Oral Sex. Thanks for the replies, but I do not know Spanish. Can someone translate these two replies for me? Michelle, in general terms both David a Otger agreed that Pinche means "cook assitant". David said that it can be used in a contemptuous sense as the equivalent of fucking, but it can also be an affectionate way to call some one.

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Hope this helps. I guess it also means cook assistant, but I've never heard anyone use it that way. As I understand it, a "pinche" is a scullery maid.

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  • She could be called a cook's helper, but her main job is cleaning pots and pans. This is the least prestigious job in the kitchen, the one requiring the least talent, ability, and experience. It's easy to understand how this word could imply "worthless". I see "pinche" in Mexico less as "fucking" than as "damn, darn, crappy, worthless, no-good" etc.


    In Nicaragua, "pinche" means "tightfisted, stingy" etc. Anglo Bilingue. Here in Texas, in 'Tex-Mex' piche means 'fing. Depende del contexto..

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