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It's beautiful, laconic and ultimately heartbreaking. Quite a different read in general if you're looking for one.

Do you have a particular edition or translator you would recommend for reading the book in English? The music from the Candide musical is so much fun. I re-read Germinal by Zola recently and once again I was blown away.

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I feel for the horses even!! It is such an emotional riot of a story, it is heavy going so if you want a lighthearted novel it is not for you, but it is a story that will stay with you for a long time!! Read it a long time ago and loved it! It is so heavy with human misery.

I'm planning to read this one soon however I know it's part of a series so is it good as a standalone novel? I am contractually obligated to say Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Frenchie here.

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All of these books have been translated to English, but the originals are accessible to anyone at intermediate level armed with patience, a good dictionary, and an internet access to look up place names, etc. Maurice Druon: Les Rois Maudits eng. It's really worth the read. It's rubbish..

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Jean-Patrick Manchette: Nada eng. Nada A noir novel about a group of radical leftists who decide to kidnap the US ambassador in Paris in the 70s If you want recommendations about a particular genre or period, let me know. I'm going to drop in one of my favorite books of all time by the very French author Victor Hugo. He was born, died, and is buried in France however he wrote Toilers of the Sea while in exile in Guernsey and its where the story takes place. I'm not going to attempt to explain it so here's the blurb from the wikipedia page:.

When Lethierry's ship is wrecked on the Roches Douvres, a perilous reef, Deruchette promises to marry whoever can salvage the ship's steam engine. Gilliatt eagerly volunteers, and the story follows his physical trials and tribulations which include a battle with an octopus , as well as the undeserved opprobrium of his neighbours. Curtain Call , 5, Winnipeg Free Press ,p. Dans F. Sigur-Cloutier et S.

Ottawa, Nordir. The suitcase. La maison rouge. Sudbury,Prise de parole. Dans H. Beauchamp et J. Beddows dir. L'Eau Vive , 36 6 , p. L'Eau Vive, 36 9 , p. Nos Livres. La Flamme qui consume. Winnipeg Tribune , p. Sigur-Cloutier, et S. Interface , 3, p. Winnipeg Free Press, p, Scene Changes 8 , p, Dans P. Wyczynski dir.

Liaison, 46 , p.

La fiancée de l'ogre (Littérature Française)

Le Mirage. Le Sublime Appel. La Robe noire. Faiblesse maternelle. Le Pardon.

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Le Plan de M. Les Tartempion. En pleine paroisse manitobaine. Jeanne veut partir. Le Phare. La Haine des Rouges. Nos Vieilles Chansons. La Clairvoyante. La Revue Populaire, 27 3 , p. La Revue Populaire, 27 11 , p. La Revue Populaire, 28 2 , p. L'Appel du grand nord.


Bruges, Librairie de l'Oeuvre Saint-Charles. Kolbe ; La femme d'Urie. Mission Nord-Ouest.

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La croix du chemin. Restez chez vous. Un One Way. Saint-Boniface: Editions des plaines, Un Homonyme. Vingt-cinq ans de luttes glorieuses. Les Meilleurs Amis. COP, Gilles Theatre Research in Canada, 33 2 , p. Marie-Anne Gaboury. Only later did I understand the meaning of his desire to turn his life into a novel, by his reluctance to speak directly of certain things, and by his habit of secrecy, his addiction to secrecy.

Secrecy may become second nature. In Paris at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Jacques Rossi still wrote his Parisian address book in secret code. Jacques feared, above all, that any indiscretion could harm friends who were still alive. I, on the other hand, was demanding absolute transparency.

His first reflex was, therefore, to refuse, to rebel, to treat me as an interrogating officer, in other words, as a torturer. And then, suddenly, he would reveal things that, in turn, shed light on other things.