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Yeah, pretty much.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Jo amon - No Damage x2, No weapons ( Menu), with/without equipment (hard)

I did for instance, a lot of the percussion stuff. There are no real drums on it, it feels more like texture than rhythm. What was the process of feeling out those ideas?

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I mean, technically, things were recorded more directly. So not like lots and lots of stems and different layers that were edited to oblivion, it was much more direct. This kind of patch will only exist now and then after I unplug everything, it will be gone. And so things got recorded as they were, with all their lumps and bumps and imperfections in there. Kind of like how a pencil sketch sometimes looks a bit more lifelike than a finished drawing.

What I did was I sort of created two lanes from for the work I do. And one of the lanes is very much beats-oriented. I call that Two Fingers.

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And did you have any specific artistic inspirations in mind? And they were discovering things and that sort of spirit of discovery is something that I hold really dear. All the pictures have been taken, surely, by now. And whereas music, I felt like there was a lot of room still for discovery. And some people might not agree but for me I really felt like there was more I could contribute and more I could discover. I very much aligned myself with the sort of enthusiasm that those people must have had in their time.

Can you give us some insight into the visuals for the new album? And often when you do that, there needs to be a visual component. So you kind of have a bit of an issue there. This new album is the lead off release for your new label Nomark. So what else can we expect from the label?


I think you have a couple of projects under some of your other identities going, like the aforementioned Two Fingers? Yeah, I split myself into a couple of names. So in that period, I actually developed quite a few other lanes, too. The next single is a Two Fingers single in May. And those are very different projects, too.

Really satisfying short tracks.

Bleep - Two Fingers (Amon Tobin)

I just make it really to satisfy my own interests and my own curiosities. And then I hope it resonates with other people. And for me, it means a lot of different things, not necessarily prettiness. Many of the luminous Figure 2: Taxa where bioluminescence is the exception … or the rule. Figure 3: Luciferins used by marine organisms. Shown are the molecular structure, mode of operation, and taxonomic groups known to use them. In the last category, taxa containing unique, characterized Figure 4: Gallery of marine bioluminescent organisms. Figure 7: Schematic diagram showing the functions of bioluminescence.

Marine luminescence can be used for defense blue , offense magenta , and intraspecific communication gray. The organisms thoug Figure 8: Oceanic-scale distributions of a bioluminescence and b chlorophyll a in the Atlantic. The distribution of bioluminescence is drawn from data in Piontkovski et al. Figure 9: Milky Seas. A composite rendering showing a satellite perspective of the first bioluminescent milky sea recorded from space Miller et al.

The bright blue patch is km long a Figure a Bioluminescence sections measured via an autonomous underwater vehicle.

Slices of the depth distribution of bioluminescence from Monterey Bay, California, in August Data were coll Morris, Deborah Oughton, John N. Smith Vol. The events that followed the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, , included the loss of power and overheating at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants, which led to extensive releases of radioactive gases, volatiles, and liquids, Figure 1: Schematic of Fukushima Daiichi—derived sources of Cs.

Atmospheric fallout and direct discharge are shown as total petabecquerels PBq released in the first month of the accident m Figure 2: Time series of measured Cs activities in surface seawater circles overlain on model-derived predictions Tsubono et al. Figure 4: Compilation of Cs inventories from the seafloor off Japan from cores collected in and If multiple cores were collected at the same position, data were averaged.

The site of the Figure 6: Plot of dose and duration of exposure for a variety of different medical, accidental, and environmental sources. Table 3 lists the sources and references that correspond to the lettered data Email Share. Ronald Benner 1 and Rainer M. Download Citation Citation Alerts.

Abstract Most of the carbon fixed in primary production is rapidly cycled and remin-eralized, leaving behind various forms of organic carbon that contribute to a vast reservoir of nonliving organic matter in seawater. Related Articles Journal Most Downloaded. Abstract - Figures - Supplemental Materials Preview. Abstract Plastics contamination in the marine environment was first reported nearly 50 years ago, less than two decades after the rise of commercial plastics production, when less than 50 million metric tons were produced per year.

Doney, Victoria J. Fabry, Richard A. Feely, Joan A. Kleypas Vol. Abstract - Figures Preview. Abstract Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 , primarily from human fossil fuel combustion, reduces ocean pH and causes wholesale shifts in seawater carbonate chemistry. Abstract In marine ecosystems, rising atmospheric CO2 and climate change are associated with concurrent shifts in temperature, circulation, stratification, nutrient input, oxygen content, and ocean acidification, with potentially wide-ranging biological effects.

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Bioluminescence in the Sea Steven H. Haddock, Mark A. Moline, James F. Case Vol.

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  4. Abstract Bioluminescence spans all oceanic dimensions and has evolved many times—from bacteria to fish—to powerfully influence behavioral and ecosystem dynamics.